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      In 2015, after over a year of planning, Borger High School began a partnership with Frank Phillips College that would benefit many Borger students for years to come.  Borger High School students can attend FPC while still in high school and graduate with their associate degree before graduating high school through the Cohort Program at BHS.      BHS Principal Matt Ammerman said, “This program took an amazing amount of planning and cooperation between FPC and BHS prior to the program starting.”      The first cohort graduated from the program in 2017.   To date, there have been 49 students graduate from the program with 15 more slated to receive their associates degree this May.  “We are always well over the state average of students graduating with associates degrees,” stated Principal Ammerman.     One student who took advantage of this program was Kylee Ramsay, 2017 Borger High School Valedictorian.  Kylee attended Borger ISD Kindergarten-12th-grade, received her associate degree from FPC through the cohort, then she attended Missouri Southern State University for 3 years where she earned a bachelor’s degree in biology with a minor in psychology.  She is now attending medical school at Kansas City University.  She did all this before the age of 21!  She was able to add a minor to her undergraduate degree and still graduate in 3 years because of the associates of science degree from FPC.      Kylee credits the Cohort Program for giving her the confidence to achieve her dream.  “My education at Borger ISD helped foster my confidence in my own abilities and that no goal was too far out of reach. Cohort was a big part of that because it boosted my application when I was trying to get into the partnership program between my undergrad and the medical school. It also gave me the unique opportunity to provide input on the benefits of having peer support when going through an accelerated program.”       Kylee goes on to say, “I only realized I wanted to be a doctor when I got to high school, but I’ve always loved science. Learning about medicine never gets less exciting.”       When asked how it felt to be accepted to medical Kylee stated, “ Getting accepted into medical was simultaneously the best feeling and absolutely terrifying!”      Kylee still has a few years of school ahead of her, but with her background and determination, we know she will be a great success!  “I have 3.5 years of medical school left and many more after that.  Most days are hard, and they often compare the learning to trying to drink out of a firehose, but each new step is hard when you’re in it. I remember being so overwhelmed by the material junior year, then again, each new year in undergrad and now those things don’t seem so hard so I know that I can get through this too.”       Kylee is the daughter of Gail and Dave Ramsay.      When reflecting on the first-ever cohort at Borger High School, Associate Principal DeDe Conaway stated, “The cohort brought this group of students together, and they became like family.  It was incredible to see them love and support each other.  Kylee played a huge role in making the first-ever BHS College Cohort successful.  She truly encouraged and helped her peers that were also in the cohort.  This group of young people will always have a special place in our hearts, and they will always be remembered as the first group of students ever to graduate from BHS with a college degree.”      Borger ISD is pleased to be able to offer this program to students and hopes its’ relationship with FPC continues for many years to come!
Posted by rebecca.calder  On Feb 22, 2021 at 1:45 PM
Shania Reeves graduated from Borger High School in 2014.  After graduation, she enrolled at Texas Tech University in Lubbock and studied architecture.  She graduated with a Batchelor of Science in Architecture from Tech in December of 2019.  She is currently in her second semester of four working towards gaining her Masters in Architecture at Tech.  During the first semester of her masters, she participated in the AIA-AAH STERIS Student Design Charette Competition in a team of four representing Texas Tech and the College of Architecture.  She currently works as a Graduate Assistant and has upcoming interviews set up to begin working for a firm this summer.  She plans on gaining her architectural license after her graduation. While at Borger High School, Shania was extremely active in almost every aspect of the school.  She was in the National Honor Society.  She played soccer all four years.  She also played volleyball and ran cross country and was a cheerleader.  She participated in the Art Club having taken multiple art classes throughout high school.  Her talent in art helped her win the regional Christmas card design competition her sophomore year.   Shania also worked at Paul Belton Elementary her senior year. Shania graduated in the top ten percent of her class and graduated with 15 college hours. Shania said one of her fondest memories from high school is “scarfing down lunch so that she and her friends could go play soccer.” Borger High School is really proud of Shania and wishes her the best in her future!!!    
Posted by rebecca.calder  On Feb 18, 2021 at 9:19 AM
Borger High School Student Council would like to announce their Acts of Kindness Campaign (A-OK) that will continue throughout the remainder of the school year!  All BHS students are encouraged to perform Acts of Kindness toward their family members, peers, teachers, staff, and the people in our community.  To do this, STUCO is encouraging BHS students to come up with ideas to spread joy and kindness throughout our community.  STUCO has created campaign boards which are located in the main hallway to share ideas for Acts of Kindness.  STUCO would also like for students to report acts of kindness that they see so that these acts can inspire others to do the same.  Acts of Kindness can be reported at the 100 hall location by simply filling out a form and dropping it in a designated locker.  As the school year continues, STUCO and BHS want to encourage everyone to show kindness at every opportunity!   Pictured from left to right Borger High School Student Council:  Sponsor Jessica Washer, Kristian Swindell,  Aidan Johnston, Tamara Driedger, Cash Conaway, and Anna Madden               
Posted by rebecca.calder  On Feb 09, 2021 at 11:13 AM
On Saturday, February 6th, 25 members of the Borger High School Band in the Region 1 UIL Solo & Ensemble Contest. The contest was held at Borger High School. The Bulldog Band earned 25 “Superior” ratings and medals, as well as 3 “Excellent” ratings. The following students performed a solo on their instrument: Flute:                           Caitlyn Nguyen                                     Clarinet                        Lillie Bennett                                    Jennifer Morado   Alto Saxophone             Makaylee Adame                                     Dalin Rangel Tenor Saxophone          Mia Barraza  Trumpet                       Israel Lujan                                     Aaliyah Lujan                                     Axel Nelson                                    Leif Nelson                                    Horn                            Clay Elliott Trombone                    Kaleb Hughe  Tuba                            Grayson House   Snare Drum                  Eveline Pimentel                                     Julian Word   Marimba                       Adan Cardenas                                     Will Kuehler                                     Ben Madden The following students performed in an ensemble:                            Clarinet Trio                 Maria De la Fuente                                    Chloe Hardin                                     Mariah Martinez   Saxophone Quartet       Makaylee Adame                                   Mia Barraza                                   Paris Esquivel                                     Uriel Porras                     Trombone Trio             Kaleb Hughes                                   Landen Lasley                                   Hunter Mays As a result of their performance at this contest, twelve (12) Borger Band members earned the opportunity to represent Borger High School at the UIL State Solo and Ensemble Contest, which will be held in May. Those students are Makaylee Adame, Mia Barraza, Uriel Porras, Paris Esquivel, Axel Nelson, Kaleb Hughes, Landen Lasley, Hunter Mays, Julian Word, Adan Cardenas, Will Kuehler, and Ben Madden. Good luck to the students advancing to State, and congratulations to all the students that participated in Solo & Ensemble. You represented yourselves and Borger High School well! 
Posted by rebecca.calder  On Feb 08, 2021 at 10:56 AM
The Borger FFA had an outstanding showing at a very competitive County Show last week.  We are very proud of all the hard work of the students, their parents and our wonderful ag teachers, Charles and Emily Rosebrugh.    Grand goat was Olivia Munoz *Reserve grand was Berklei Lewter  Morgan Malinowski won Junior goat Showmanship *Grand Lamb was Addison Kurts Reserve Grand lamb was Kenadie Kurts Kenadie Kurts also Won junior lamb Showmanship *Taylor Ireland Won Senior lamb Showmanship *Reserve Champion steer was Angelina Massengale *Angelina Massengale also Won senior steer showmanship *Breed champion berk was Zachary Brunson *reserve champion Berk was Baylei Lewter reserve Champion White opb was Olivia Munoz *Reserve Yorkshire was Macie Whittington  and a whole lot of first, second, and thirds.   Asterisk indicates a high school student  
Posted by rebecca.calder  On Jan 25, 2021 at 12:57 PM
7th-grade Amaro, Lucas Breedlove, Kinlee Buchanan, Lincoln Castaneda, Ulises Cave, Grace Contreras, Braylon Cook, Jaycee Edwards, Saygen Escobar, Aiden Escobar, Loryn Garcia, Callye Garzon, Kyle Hawley, Lexie Hays, BrynLeigh Horst, Hannah Lopez, Amrie Lopez, Deborah Lucero, Morgan Lumpkin, Riley Luna, Hayden Morales Solis, Michelle Moreno, Jeven Mota, Cesar Nelson, Lily Petitt, Jordyn Porras, Nadia Ramos, Irvin Sims, Addyson Tharp, Aspen Valenzuela, Monica White-Martinez,  Isaiah Word, Jonas   8th grade Buchanan, Kooper Burkhalter, Jordan Drake, Joshua Espinosa, Andre Hughes, Kennedi Hunter, Arian Mitchell, Kynlee Murga, Jorge Phillips, Hayden Toliver, Jordyn Villezcas, Clairissa Weden, Shaley
Posted by rebecca.calder  On Jan 15, 2021 at 2:56 PM
Fifth-Grade Braden, Tyler C Chacon Mendoza, Daisy D Ibarra, Aylin J Phillips, Taylor M Potts, Taylor T Raines, Colin W Sixth- Grade Dickerson, Bristol S Holt, Mollie B Luna, Javian K Mitchell, Ashton H Ramos, Jessie N Rodriguez, Kayla A  
Posted by rebecca.calder  On Jan 15, 2021 at 2:51 PM
A Honor Roll Third- Grade   Beaty, Luke  I Brown, William  R Cano, Bentley  M Champion, Allison  M DeHerrera, Chloe  R George, Halden  T Haynes, Jaiven  D Hernandez, Adolfo  A Hernandez, Robert  L Kemp, Launa  F Lopez, Sadie  M McGraw, Willow  M Michaels, Dixie  L Morales, Natalia  A Muro Esquivel, Karla  Y Nelson, Anders  G Orand, Dylan  J Orand, Emma  R Rodriguez, Julian  E Saxon, Sawyer  C Shelton, Kooper  J Taylor, Mark  B Velasco Hernandez, Jose  S Warren, Londyn  N Wheeler, Kaden  N Wilson, Matthew  T Fourth-Grade Aragonez Mendoza, Diego Arenas, Kaydence  A Barnhart, Asa  D Buchanan, Lanie  J Calder, Bryson  K Cauthon, Xavier  M Chute, Bronx  C Cole, Kahlyn  R Espinoza, Rachel  B Hanna, Aiden  M Hawley, Jordyn  P Henderson, Rhys  C Hodges, Cason  C Lakey, Prayden  A Lambeth, Levi  W Loya, Monica  A Malinowski, Morgan  B McKinney, Emma  M Medina, Chelsea  D Nomelli, Tyler  E Reed, Hadley  J Rodriguez, Rayna  R Sheets, Keren  O Tindall, Elliette  K Williams, Owen  T   AB Honor Roll Third-Grade Adame, Miguel  A Aiken, Jericho  C Amaya, Sussana  L Aragon, Emberleigh  S Beaty, Luke  I Brown, William  R Bryan, Andrew  L Calderon, Ashton  B Caldwell, Teryn  A Cano, Bentley  M Champion, Allison  M Chavez Moreno, Gala I Chavoya, Joziah  B Cook, Sophie  M DeHerrera, Chloe  R Dena, Oscar Diaz, McKenzy  F Diaz, Mireya  A Englund, Emma  L Esqueda, Oscar  C Farmer, Jameson  D Garcia, Angel Garcia, Isaac  D George, Halden  T Grablewski, Kolton  M Haynes, Jaiven  D Henderson, Oakley  M Hernandez, Adolfo  A Hernandez, Robert  L Hill, Caylea  B Hodges Quinones, Zabrina  C Holguin, Adiani  I Horst, Callie  L Horst, Kaitlin  E Hunter, Cali  B Ibarra, Clairy  A Kemp, Launa  F Lara, Eyan  R Lopez, Sadie  M Lovato, Lea  M Lucero, William  O Martinez, Lizette Mayberry, Alexander J McGraw, Willow  M McWilliams, Taytum  K Mears, Landry  R Mendoza, Jaidrien  S Michaels, Dixie  L Mitchell, Taytum  R Morales, Natalia  A Munoz, Aaliyah  D Muro Esquivel, Karl  Y Muro Esquivel, Yessica  K Nail, Tinsly  E Nelson, Anders  G Orand, Dylan  J Orand, Emma  R Pacheco, Sophia  E Payne, Emma  G Piedra, Karlee  E Pinuelas Figueroa, Joshua  K Reyna, Olivia  L Rice, Candace  E Rivas, Adalee  A Rodriguez, Julian  E Rodriguez, Samuel  F Sanchez, Emiliano Sanchez, Genysis  R Sanchez, Nicole Saucedo, Johana  G Saxon, Sawyer  C Schneck, Guy  A Shelton, Kooper  J Sims, Braden  A Sisneros, Jade  B Snyder, Jake  B Stevens, Joey  K Taylor, Mark  B Tharp, Bentley  L Vazquez, Liam  A Velasco Hernandez, Jose  S Warren, Londyn  N Watson, Gage  A Webb, Paxton  S West, Camaron  E West, Taya  B Wetzel, Ashlynn  M Wheeler, Kaden  N Wheeler, Tyler  J Williams-Huynh, Avery  S Wilson, Berkley  R Wilson, Matthew  T Fourth-Grade Aguayo, Janessa  A Aguilera, Pamela  I Aragonez Mendoza, Diego Arenas, Kaydence  A Baeza, Violet  G Baker, Xachary  E Barnhart, Asa  D Buchanan, Lanie  J Buchanan, Rylee  B Calder, Bryson  K Cauthon, Xavier  M Celaya, Naomi Chute, Bronx  C Cole, Kahlyn  R Cummings, Bradlyn  L Dominguez, Brenda  E Englund, Chase  L Escobar, Daniel  A Escontrias, Julian Espinoza, Rachel  B Estrada, Kylee  L Gloria, Mason  M Gonzalez, Ricardo Grantham, Rosalin  M Hanna, Aiden  M Hawley, Jordyn  P Henderson, Rhys  C Heredia, Jayden  L Hernandez, Nicole  J Hernandez, Orlando Hodges, Cason  C Jenkins, Hayden  G Jimenez Rodriguez, Anneliese  I Jordan, Trendon  L Kemp, Jade  A Lakey, Prayden  A Lambeth, Levi  W Lognion, Dae'Jean  D Long, Michael  G Longoria, Iliana  Y Lopez Tovar, Jonathan  E Loya, Monica  A Madrid, Alondra  A Malinowski, Morgan  B Marquez, Mar Martinez, Raydavid  J McKinney, Emma  M McWilliams, MaKenzie  J Medina, Chelsea  D Mervyn, Amelia  J Montano, Damian  I Morales, Aubree  E Nomelli, Tyler  E Orona, Adalina  M Ortiz Dominguez, Ashley  S Peery, Richard  J Perez, Edgar  R Pinuelas Figueroa, Norma  S Poudrier, Ashdyn  R Raines, Atlynn  B Rangel, Kinley  E Reed, Hadley  J Rendon, Isaiah  M Rios, Valeria  A Rivera, Emily  N Rodriguez, Corbyn  L Rodriguez, Raul  J Rodriguez, Rayna  R Salazar, Genesis  Y Salinas Lopez, Miguel  A Sanchez, Josalynn  A Sheets, Keren  O Sianez, Kevin Sisneros, Adelynn  B Stevens, Jaxon  W Tindall, Elliette  K Vargas, Madeline  M Watson, Harper  N Whitfield, Tylan  K Williams, Owen  T Wilson, Izzabel  G  
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A Honor Roll First-Grade   Adame Echibarria Alexander Adcock Maverick Apodaca Ayden Archer Katelyn Balderas Jorge Barnhart Zuri Bishop Emiliano Boyd Colton Bravo Yzabel Celaya Jesus Clawson Laken Clement Aaliyah Contreras Emersyn Coratti Kade Davis Tinley De Guzman Raine Deschaines Carter Ellis Adalynn Fesser Avis Freeman Levi Garay Marianna Garcia Ava Hackett Charli Hernandez Mikayla Hoffman Colt Jimenez Julian King Kutter Labra Hernandez Kylie Mariscal Chico Victoria Martinez Cesar Martinez Hananiah Martinez Lorenzo Mears James Miller Emmitt Morales Alex Morales Niko Munoz Benjimin Muro Esquivel Linda Ortega Bo Ortega Natalia Overall Dawson Perez Abcde Porterfield Alex Poudrier Taisia Ramos Margarita Rocha Franco Smith Aaron Trejo Rayden Villa Aiden Watson Reed White Madilynn Wilson Johnathan Second- Grade   Aguilar Jocelyn Alexander Leslie Brancheau Brady Bravo Guillermo Cave Gentry Charlton Tyson Dikes Peyton East Gabriella Eddins Kynlee Elizondo Slayde Farmer Adilynn Fox Mary Garcia Eli Garcia Genesis Hardin Maggie Holland Hunter Loyd Scarlett Marshall James Martinez Ava Miramontes Victoria Neill Bennett Noble Kyler Perez Bella Phillips Cole Purdy Emma Quintero Ethan Raines Jaela Ramirez Hector Reasor Jacob Rodriguez Hannah Smith Jaxon Smith Shawn Surges Katharine Tabor Aaryia Thompson Luke Tollett Emma Villezcas Izabel Wright Christopher     AB Honor Roll       First-Grade   Alvarez Leonardo Baker Blair Cardenas Hazel Cole Rachel Constancio Dylan Cook Isaiah Cosper Emery Fanning Charger Fernandez Azailey Fernandez Isabella Fesser Haydn Figer Niyah Freeman Kenleigh Gamez Scarlett Garcia Valencia George Mason Haines Harmoni Holland Camdyn Howell Ashlyn Jinkins Casey Lambeth Clayton Landrum Fayth Manjarrez Hernandez Ian Martinez Alexander Martinez Angel Martinez Noah McCarty Allie McKinney Mike'Lin Mojica Uriel Morales Aaliyah Morales Vanessa Munoz Emilia Nelson Gunnar Nguyen Kenny Overall Brody Parvin Makenna Perez Santiago Phillips Silas Pinuelas Figueroa Julio Quinonez Jesus Ralls Jayln Ramirez Alberto Ramirez Kinzley Rhoades Creed Riggle Quaid Rios Brisa Rodgers Thomas Salazar Abner Salinas Aaron Salinas Taylyn Sarinana Jaime Schanks Colby Sessions Scout Sianez Rodrigo Smith River Soto Bryan Stegall Tenlee Terrazas Anabel Varela Alexis Villegas Levi Wagner Joshua Wallace Haggard Brycen Watson Elijah Weiss Wyatt White Andrew Wise Evan   Second-Grade   Alvarado Dalilah Berry Michael Brown Brinley Brown Sophia Cano Francisco Carmona Jeremiah Casas Amya Castro Uriel Cepeda Aaron Clawson Gavin Cooper Aisley Cooper Colton Cosper Jaden Crawford Russell Drake Banupriya Fesser Haven Fleming Grace Garcia Esmeralda Gardner James George Maci Gibbs Blayze Gomez Jaidyn Guerrero Munoz Ximena Hamilton Breckyn Harris Jase Hartman Kyson Henderson Taylya Huneycutt Caden Hurst Tira Jimenez
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Braden, Tyler C Burt, Soren C Cervantes, Aaliyah E East, Izabella A Hodges, Garrett J Ibarra, Aylin J Jordan, Axeley J Magana, Alyssa M   Marisela Ramos Phillips, Taylor M Powers, Braleigh S Raines, Colin W Schneck, Madison A Smith, Ryan A   Tiffany Walker Webb, Ryan M Yeager, Addison J Cano Burciaga, Azai Holt, Mollie B Hutcherson, Christian C   Javia Luna Martinez, Mariana C Mitchell, Ashton H Munoz, Olivia L Ogans, Madison C Orand, Courtney A Ramos, Jessie N Reinhart, Addelyn B Williams, Blaise G
Posted by rebecca.calder  On Nov 20, 2020 at 8:45 AM
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