BHS Student Accepted to Medical School

Borger High School Graduate Kylee Ramsay Accepted to Medical School
Posted on 02/23/2021

In 2015, after over a year of planning, Borger High School began a partnership with Frank Phillips College that would benefit many Borger students for years to come.  Borger High School students can attend FPC while still in high school and graduate with their associate degree before graduating high school through the Cohort Program at BHS.

     BHS Principal Matt Ammerman said, “This program took an amazing amount of planning and cooperation between FPC and BHS prior to the program starting.”

     The first cohort graduated from the program in 2017.   To date, there have been 49 students graduate from the program with 15 more slated to receive their associates degree this May.  “We are always well over the state average of students graduating with associates degrees,” stated Principal Ammerman.


    One student who took advantage of this program was Kylee Ramsay, 2017 Borger High School Valedictorian.  Kylee attended Borger ISD Kindergarten-12th-grade, received her associate degree from FPC through the cohort, then she attended Missouri Southern State University for 3 years where she earned a bachelor’s degree in biology with a minor in psychology.  She is now attending medical school at Kansas City University.  She did all this before the age of 21!  She was able to add a minor to her undergraduate degree and still graduate in 3 years because of the associates of science degree from FPC.

     Kylee credits the Cohort Program for giving her the confidence to achieve her dream.  “My education at Borger ISD helped foster my confidence in my own abilities and that no goal was too far out of reach. Cohort was a big part of that because it boosted my application when I was trying to get into the partnership program between my undergrad and the medical school. It also gave me the unique opportunity to provide input on the benefits of having peer support when going through an accelerated program.” 

     Kylee goes on to say, “I only realized I wanted to be a doctor when I got to high school, but I’ve always loved science. Learning about medicine never gets less exciting.” 

     When asked how it felt to be accepted to medical Kylee stated, “ Getting accepted into medical was simultaneously the best feeling and absolutely terrifying!”

     Kylee still has a few years of school ahead of her, but with her background and determination, we know she will be a great success!  “I have 3.5 years of medical school left and many more after that.  Most days are hard, and they often compare the learning to trying to drink out of a firehose, but each new step is hard when you’re in it. I remember being so overwhelmed by the material junior year, then again, each new year in undergrad and now those things don’t seem so hard so I know that I can get through this too.” 


     Kylee is the daughter of Gail and Dave Ramsay.

     When reflecting on the first-ever cohort at Borger High School, Associate Principal DeDe Conaway stated, “The cohort brought this group of students together, and they became like family.  It was incredible to see them love and support each other.  Kylee played a huge role in making the first-ever BHS College Cohort successful.  She truly encouraged and helped her peers that were also in the cohort.  This group of young people will always have a special place in our hearts, and they will always be remembered as the first group of students ever to graduate from BHS with a college degree.”

     Borger ISD is pleased to be able to offer this program to students and hopes its’ relationship with FPC continues for many years to come!