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Miles McKinney What year did you graduate?  2012 What do you teach? What do you coach?  Algebra 2/Engineering Math and Football/Wrestling/Track Highlight a fond memory or two that you have from high school.   Winning district 3 years in a row and going to regionals in football.  What motivated you to become a teacher? I saw the impact my wife was making on children through teaching and wanted to join her, speaking into a students' life where I know I could’ve used it at their age.  Tell about how you feel being back at BHS Very strange, yet it feels right. I never thought I would be back in Borger, certainly not teaching and coach but here I am. I wouldn’t rather be doing anything else anywhere else. How have things changed?   Things have changed quite a bit. Obviously, on the outside, everything is changing with the renovation but it’s also different on the inside. The students are a little bit different than they were when I was here. Not in a bad way at all, I just cannot assume they’re going to think or do things in the same way my peers and I did when we were here What are you most excited about for this year?  I am most excited to make a positive impact on students' lives that will improve who they are for the rest of their life.   
Posted by rebecca.calder  On Oct 31, 2019 at 4:16 PM
Kyla Myers   What year did you graduate? 2014  What do you teach? What do you coach?  Kindergarten PE/ Freshman girls basketball and Asst. softball   Highlight a fond memory or two that you have from high school. One of my favorite memories is my junior year softball season. Our team was incredibly close, and win or lose, we were always having a blast. Another great memory of mine is football season. I absolutely loved pep rallies. I was a part of the choir, and we sang the school song in the hallways of BHS every Friday. I simply loved the Friday night lights and cheering for our boys in the student section. What motivated you to become a teacher? I have always loved working with kids and I had a couple of teachers/ coaches that really changed my life. I knew I could get in a few certain classrooms along with the softball field every day and have a teacher/ coach that believed in me more than I believed in myself.  I worked in student ministry every summer that I was in college and I absolutely loved it. Those kids changed my life and it really gave me confirmation that I wanted to be a teacher/ coach. I want kids to feel like they have a safe place around me. I most definitely had that at BHS.   Tell about how you feel being back at BHS It is very exciting. Although I am at Paul Belton during the day, I love being around high school sports again in the afternoon. Just walking in the gym, or hearing the band play “Roll on to Victory,” so many great memories come flooding back and I feel so proud to be back.  How have things changed? Personally, I know I have grown and changed as a person since I have graduated. When it comes to school and sport, there are a lot of different teachers/ coaches, but a lot is still the same. What are you most excited about for this year? I am so excited to return to the softball field. I played all four years under Coach Watkins, and now I am going to get to coach with him. Softball was a huge highlight of my high school days, and to be able to return is just a huge blessing.  I am so grateful to be back. Once a Bulldog, always a Bulldog.    
Posted by rebecca.calder  On Oct 24, 2019 at 3:18 PM
What year did you graduate? I graduated in 2015 What do you teach? What do you coach? I teach agriculture. I will be coaching some CDE and LDE teams. Highlight a fond memory or two that you have from high school.  One memory that I will always remember is standing at the football game talking to Mrs. Conaway about going to school to be an Ag teacher while hoping to come back and teach at Borger High School. What motivated you to become a teacher? While I attended Borger High School, I always had a passion for helping the students out with FFA. One day I ran across a quote that I still go by today, “Be who you needed when you were younger.” Unknown. I think this quote is really what made me strive to become a teacher. How do you feel about being back at BHS?  It is an honor being back in the hometown where I grew up. How have things changed? The new remodel of the school is amazing. Borger has a community that pushes to have the best environment for the students to learn. What are you most excited about for this year?  I am most excited about being able to work with students to achieve their goals. There is nothing better than seeing a student be successful in any of the activities that they set out to achieve.
Posted by rebecca.calder  On Oct 17, 2019 at 11:05 AM
Bethany Johnstone What year did you graduate? I graduated from Borger High School in 2011. What do you teach? What do you coach? I am teaching high school P.E., I am the Head Volleyball Coach and I will be the assistant coach for the girls' soccer team. Highlight a fond memory or two that you have from high school Traveling and competing for multiple athletic teams for Borger High is when most of my favorite memories happened: beating Pampa my senior year to advance us to the next round of the volleyball playoffs, staying at the condemned hotel in Jacksboro, experiencing teachers and fellow classmates cheer for the athletic teams, etc. Another fond memory I have is when the school band would walk through the halls to signal when a pep-rally was about to happen. What motivated you to become a teacher During college, I coached club volleyball to raise money for rent/tuition/food/etc. When I graduated college, I became an executive news producer at a television news station and the hours only allowed me to do sporadic lessons for local high schoolers instead of coaching club like I had been doing. After almost two years of that, I had a lightbulb moment. I realized that the only time I really felt happy was when I was teaching someone something, like training new employees and teaching different skills to volleyball players. So, I decided to leave the news industry and start a path towards what fulfilled me more. Tell about how you feel being back at BHS I feel a sense of pride. I walked the halls, I competed in Tex Hanna Gym; knowing that I’m part of Borger High School’s history and knowing that I am getting to teach students that are in the process of putting their own stamp on Borger High’s history, is amazing. How have things changed? By the time I got to my senior year, I had already taken almost all of the classes and Pre-AP classes that Borger High offered. When my mom asked the school if I could take more college-based courses, she was told no. So, I only had four classes my senior year. One of those classes was P.E. (even though I was in athletics) and one of the other classes was math I had already aced. I chose to do that instead of re-taking another class because math was my favorite subject, which meant I’d be less likely to get bored. Now, Borger High students can graduate with their associate degrees before they even graduate high school. Another huge change is that 9th graders no longer have off-campus lunch and have their own wing. Also, Borger now has 8 periods instead of 7. What are you most excited about for this year? I’m just extremely excited to experience Borger High School from a different perspective. Seeing how everything works “behind closed doors” will allow me to appreciate my high school experiences more because now I’ll be able to understand the how’s, why’s and how much effort went into making everything come to fruition.
Posted by rebecca.calder  On Oct 11, 2019 at 9:10 AM
The Borger High School choir had a successful day at the Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) District Choir Auditions in Pampa on September 28. Fifteen students competed, and 12 of them will be moving on to the next round of competition! The top 32 in each section make it to the Region audition. Out of 77 Sopranos, Katherine Davis was 5th Chair, Isabella Escobar was 29th Chair, Kloe Holt was 39th Chair and Bailey Chisum was 51st Chair. Out of 75 Altos, Madison Huval was 1st Chair, Kayleigh Watkins, 3rd Chair; Anese Akins, 21st Chair and Shylah Shopteese, 41st Chair. Out of 35 Tenors, Efrain Rangel was 3rd Chair; Mateo Lopez, 7th Chair; Lars Nelson, 10th Chair; and Coulter Harrison, 22nd Chair.  Out of 65 Basses, Kaleb Hughes was 6th Chair; Tristan Reinhart, 8th Chair; and Brenden Crittenden, 21st Chair.  Congratulations Singing Bulldogs and to their director, Amy Green! Back row girls 1. Madison Huval 2. Katherine Davis Front Row girls 1. Kayleigh Watkins 2. Kloe Holt 3. Isabella Escobar  Back Row boys 1. Efrain Rangel 2. Tristan Reinhart 3. Kaleb Hughes 4. Lars Nelson  Front Row boys 1. Mateo Lopez 2. Brenden Crittenden Not pictured-  Bailey Chisum, Anese Akins, Coulter Harrison, Shylah Shopteese  
Posted by rebecca.calder  On Oct 02, 2019 at 4:05 PM
Borger ISD Announces Root-Gillespie Teacher of the Year The Velma Freeman Gillespie and Zelma Freeman Root Foundation was established in 1995 by Mrs. Gillespie’s family to honor a deserving  Borger ISD teacher at the end of each school year.  Velma Freeman Gillespie and Zelma Freeman Root were twin sisters who both taught in the BISD system for over twenty-five years each.  Mrs. Root came to Borger in 1944. Mrs. Gillespie came to visit her from Arkansas in 1946 and never went back. Mrs. Gillespie taught in Borger Junior High School for 25 years.  Mrs. Root taught at Borger High School for 26 years.  Both retired in 1971.  After retiring from BISD, Zelma Root taught at Frank Phillips Junior College for five years.  Mrs. Gillespie had two sons, Dr. Hamp Gillespie and Dr. Mike Gillespie, who both graduated from Borger Independent School District.  After Velma Gillespie passed away in October 1994, her sons wanted to honor their mother and aunt by establishing the foundation.   The award is given to a deserving teacher in the academic field who possesses the following:  A concern for students and the capability to inspire them. The ability and willingness to work cooperatively with colleagues. A drive to initiate activities that improve instruction for students. An ability to work effectively with different groups in the community. The desire to stay informed of current educational theories and practices” An ability and willingness to make meaningful contributions to education.  Examples of innovations started in the nominees’ classrooms.  Campus nominees included Laura Stark, Kindergarten instructor at Paul Belton Elementary; Elizabeth Forrest, 1st Grade Bilingual instructor at Gateway Elementary; Nicole Segovia, Fourth-grade instructor at Davy Crockett Elementary; Donna Hertel, 5th-grade math instructor at Borger Intermediate School; Tina Sims, P.E., Athletics, Athletics Coordinator at Borger Middle School, and Cody Duncan,   Speech/Theatre/Drama/Debate instructor at Borger High School.    This year, the Root-Gillespie award went to Elizabeth Forrest Mrs. Forest was recognized at the Borger ISD Convocation. She will receive $750 to spend in her classroom. Each campus nominee will receive $250 for their classroom.   Mrs. Forrest has taught at multiple campuses in Borger, both elementary and secondary.  At each campus, she has been an exemplary model of wisdom, honor, and sincere love for all students. Her desire to grow as an educator is second to none.  Mrs. Forrest can be found on summer vacation with the latest educational book in hand.  She seeks out professional development throughout the school year, as well as during to the summer to continue to grow as an educator.  She is always willing to share her newly gained knowledge with her colleagues. Gateway principal, Teresa Bodey states, “ Elizabeth Forrest embodies the essence of a true Velma Zelma teacher.  Mrs. Forrest’s love for her first-grade students is shown through the innovative special programs she has created for her class.  One example is her Bilingual Family Book Club.  She purchased chapter books for each of her students and created a reading schedule for them and their families to read throughout the spring.  Activities in the classroom were built around the book.  She also hosted evening book club meetings with the families to share their love of reading and enrich their understanding of the book.  It is an honor to work alongside such an amazing educator.”                   Ms. Bodey and Mrs. Forrest                  Mrs. Forrest with Superintendent Welch Nominees Laura Stark, Elizabeth Forrest, Nicole Segovia, Donna Hertel, Tina Sims,  Cody Duncan and Superintendent Chance Welch  
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Borger High School senior, Hope Sharp recently received the prestigious Terry Foundation Scholarship which covers all college expenses after her other scholarships are applied. Hope has also received the Amarillo Area Foundation Scholarship for $20,000 and the Texas Tech Presidential Scholarship for $6,500 per year.  Hope will attend Texas Tech University pursuing a bachelor’s degree in anthropology and will then pursue her master’s degree in a related field. Hope is the daughter of Les and Melanie Sharp and a member of Faith Covenant Church where she leads a youth group and plays piano and sings on Wednesdays and Sundays. During her four years at BHS, she has played soccer, volleyball, basketball and sang in the choir where she has made it to state two years in a row. Her junior year she went to state in solo and this year she made it to state in both solo and ensemble.  All this and she has worked part-time at Neuman and Bailey as a barista. Hope has traveled the last four years on mission trips to Houston and volunteered for United Way’s Day of Caring. She mentored a student at Crockett Elementary and participated in the BHS Junior Diabetes Research Foundation Walk-a-Thon. Hope was voted Most Likely to Succeed by her senior class.  She is the Borger High School Valedictorian for 2019 ranking 1 out of 190 students with a 106.0750 GPA and a 4.0.  She has taken 23 advanced classes at BHS and will take 36 college hours to Texas Tech.  She received masters level performance on all 5 STAAR EOCs and will graduate distinguished with an endorsement in Arts and Humanities.   Born of a desire of Howard and Nancy Terry to help young people to help themselves, the Terry Foundation’s goal is to improve and develop the State of Texas by assisting Texas students to attend the state’s finest public universities.  The Foundation hopes that these students will have a significant impact on the future leadership of the state and nation.  To achieve this goal, the Foundation awards scholarships to students who meet the high standards set by the founders Howard and Nancy Terry. A longtime resident of Houston, Howard Terry had been active for many years in banking, construction, real estate and oil and gas. With profound business success over the decades and their family’s needs met, the Terry’s developed a growing desire to give back to the community and specifically to help young people to reach their goals in higher education. In 2011, the first year as a Terry Foundation school, Texas Tech welcomed 18 Terry Scholars.  Those students started the Terry Scholar student organization at Texas tech, including Leadership Speaker Series.  The next year they added 20 to the number. To date there are over 150 current Terry Scholars at Texas Tech University. When students apply to the university, their applications are processed through a matrix to look for the three pillars of a Terry Scholar: high leadership, high scholarship, and high financial need.  There is a committee at Texas Tech, led by the Terry Coordinator, who reviews the applications and submit a select few to the foundation for an in-person interview.  This year there were over 500 applications for 20 interview spots and only 14 Terry Scholarships awarded to incoming freshman at Texas Tech. The Scholarship is a “last dollar” scholarship so that each scholar is awarded the cost of attendance.  In addition, the foundation has graciously added an additional semester of funding to be used towards study abroad programs.  For Terry Scholars attending Texas Tech, this means that their scholarship award will be worth well over $120,000 over the course of 4 years.  The Terry Foundation Scholarship is more that a scholarship; it’s a program. The program is designed to encourage student’s success and retention.  With a dedicated program coordinator and a host of resources at the disposal of the scholars, success is highly anticipated.               Hope receiving scholarship from Carson Curry,               Hope with her parents and Mr. Curry a former Terry Foundation recipient. 
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     Each year seniors at Borger High School are encouraged by the administrators to start a tradition or leave their mark in some unique way.  Previous classes have started yearly traditions such as the Borger High School Day of Caring (Class of 2013) and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Walk (Class of 2014).  Other classes have held one-time community service events such as Crutches for Africa (Class of 2014) and a talent show that raised money for Autism Speaks (Class of 2016).  The Class of 2017 decided to bury a time capsule.  These events are totally student organized and led. This year, the Class of 2019 decided to do a lip dub.  The Class of 2015 first produced a lip dub that was highly successful and helped capture the spirit of the school and the students that year.  For those not familiar with lip dubs they are short, fun videos set to music.  Different sports and student groups are featured lip syncing to music.  This most recent lip dub is unique in that it captured forever many parts of the high school’s original building just days prior to their demolition due to renovation.  While you watch, be sure and note the iconic original entrance, the front entryway and the mirror at the end of the hallway that has featured many student reflections over the years. This lip dub was filmed and produced during the last two weeks of the year at many locations in and around the high school.  Several scenes were filmed at the new Bulldog Stadium showing the future for BHS students.  These new facilities captured in the lip dub include the football field, the home stands, the state-of-the-art weight room, the wrestling room, and the film room.  Also included in the filming are the Tex Hanna Gym, the ag farm (soon to be replaced), the tennis courts, the Auto Tech shop, a newly renovated classroom, the Phillips Golf Course, Frank Phillips College, and the baseball field.  One unique scene features all the class officers from each grade level, the 2019 Student Council and several of the construction workers who are currently renovating the high school in front of the iconic entrance where students have entered since 1948.  The students wanted to include the construction workers because they had been a huge part of their senior year. Borger High School wants to thank the hard-working seniors who made this happen:  Raegan Cantu for her vision and her role as director, creative artist, editor, and videographer.  Keller Rhoton for his hard work as a set coordinator and for his drone footage.  Hunter Martin for his organization, logistical support, and work as a set coordinator. Go to Borger ISD’s webpage or Borger High School’s webpage to view the video or click on the link below:                     
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Members of the Borger High School Choir and Band recently traveled to San Antonio and Corpus Christi on their biennial trip. The group of seventy-seven students and adult sponsors departed Borger High School at 6:00 am on June 4th. After a lunch stop in Abilene, the two charter buses arrived in San Antonio, greeted by light rain and heavy traffic. The group ate at the Hard Rock Cafe’ on the San Antonio Riverwalk. The students could explore the Riverwalk after their meal. The next morning, the group stopped at the Alamo, a Texas shrine to freedom. After a short history background briefing, the students walked through the Alamo. As it was raining heavily, the students were also allowed to explore the Rivercenter Mall, St. Joseph’s Church and other attractions around the vicinity of the Alamo. The rain had stopped by the time the group boarded their coaches for the short ride to Six Flags Fiesta Texas, where they spent the afternoon. That evening, the group was fed and entertained at the Magic Time Machine. The group left the next morning for Corpus Christi. Their first stop was USS Lexington CV-16. The Lexington is a retired US Navy aircraft carrier that now serves as a museum on Corpus Christi Bay. The students performed a concert on board the historic warship, which included Anchors Aweigh, the Navy Hymn, and various patriotic songs. They concluded their performance with the Borger High School alma mater, which the Borger HS Choir sang. After their concert, the students toured the ship. Next, they visited the Texas State Aquarium, a state-of-the-art facility mere steps from USS Lexington. While they were there, the students viewed aquatic exhibits, a dolphin show, and various hands-on presentations. The group was scheduled to attend a Corpus Christi Hooks/ Amarillo Sod Poodles baseball game that evening, but with lightning and storms in the area, the game was canceled. The next morning, the BHS group boarded their coaches and traveled to Port Aransas, where they were treated to a dolphin cruise on the Gulf on Mexico and Corpus Christi Bay. They were treated to the sight of dolphins playing in the wake of a large ship that was entering the ship channel. The boat’s crew, while pointing out various points of interest, put out a shrimping net. The net was later emptied into a shallow tank on the boat, where the boat’s crew allowed the students to see and touch various marine life, such as crabs, shrimp, puffer fish, rays and small redfish. After lunch, the group spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying the beach. After cleaning up at the hotel, the group ate supper at Whataburger by the Bay, a large burger restaurant with a great view of downtown Corpus Christi. Whataburger, coincidentally, was founded in Corpus Christi. On the last day of the trip, the group traveled back to San Antonio, where they ate lunch at Pico de Gallo, a historic Tex Mex restaurant in downtown San Antonio. On the way back to Borger, the group stopped in Rhineland, a small German Catholic community on the Brazos, about 75 miles north of Abilene. Rhineland was the childhood home of Borger Band director Kevin Kuehler. They were treated to supper by Mr. Kuehler’s mother, Dayle Kuehler, with help from other family and community members. In return, the Borger HS Band and Choir performed a concert for Mrs. Kuehler, her family, and the Rhineland community. The busses arrived back to Borger High School at about 12:30 am Saturday night. The choir and band trip was a voluntary trip, with students paying for their way with fundraisers and family support. The band and choir would like to thank the administration of Borger ISD for allowing them to make this trip, as well as their parents and the community of Borger for supporting their various fundraisers. 
Posted by rebecca.calder  On Jun 13, 2019 at 3:10 PM
On Saturday, June 1st, thirty-three members of the Borger High School Band traveled to Austin to compete in the UIL Texas State Solo & Ensemble Contest, which was held on June 2nd at Hendrickson High School in Pflugerville. To qualify for TSSEC, these students had to earn superior marks on their solo or ensemble selections at the UIL Region 1 Solo and Ensemble Contest, which was held earlier in the year at WTAMU in Canyon.  The following soloists received a rating of “Superior” and a gold medal for their performance at TSSEC:   Angel Almanza                                               Trumpet Solo Lars Nelson                                                     Piano Solo Jayden Lasley                                                  Marimba Solo Angel Lay                                                       Marimba Solo     The following soloists received a rating of “Excellent” and a silver medal for their performance at TSSEC:   Alan Cardenas                                                Marimba Solo Dawson Hataway                                            Trumpet Solo Michelle Hull                                                  Flute Solo   The following soloist received a rating of “Good” on their performance at TSSEC:   Shayden Rangel                                              Snare Drum Solo   The following ensembles received a rating of “Superior” and a bronze medal for their performance at TSSEC:   Michelle Hull                                                  Flute Quartet Caitlyn Nguyen Kassandra Saucedo Mahala Stembridge   Brady Campbell                                              Percussion Ensemble Alan Cardenas Angel Lay Jayden Lasley Froilan Mendez Eveline Pimentel Shayden Rangel Julian Word       The following ensembles received a rating of “Excellent” on their performance at TSSEC:   Angel Almanza                                               Brass Sextet Katherine Davis Marc Diaz Dawson Hataway Hunter Mays Blake Trevino   Madison Cummings                                        Flute Trio Maya Ogans Mahala Stembridge   Isaac Ezzell                                                     Trumpet Trio Israel Lujan Axel Nelson   The following ensembles received a “Good” rating on their performance at TSSEC:   Paris Esquivel                                                 Sax Trio Alex Onsurez William Wallace   Caden Davis                                                    Trombone Quartet Kaleb Hughes Landen Lasley Hunter Mays   Daniel Chandler                                              Euphonium Quartet Madison Line Daniela Soldevia                     Blake Trevino  The group traveled to the DFW area the day before the competition, with a traditional stop in Arlington to spend the day at Six Flags Over Texas. Stops at Buc-ee’s in Ft. Worth and In-n-Out Burger in Waco were also made. It was a fantastic finish to a successful year for the Borger High School Band!  The BHS Band is under the direction of Kevin Kuehler.    
Posted by rebecca.calder  On Jun 11, 2019 at 4:24 PM
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